Spoil Me

Spoil Me!

Spoil Me!

Your Mistress spoils you all the time, doesn’t she? She never stops thinking of new ways to humiliate, mind fuck, and deny you. How could you not want to spoil her? 😉

I’m quirky and eclectic. I adore unique handmade items from places like etsy.com. It’s a little-known fact that before I ventured into the wonderful world of erotic entertainment, I was a glass beadmaker for almost ten years. I also make soap, jewelry, clothing, quilts, and the list goes on and on. I know what goes into a handmade item, and so I appreciate it! I have a selection of etsy items on my wishlist, but feel free to choose something you think I’ll love on your own!

I’m also highly sexual. I’m an ass girl in real life, and I love ass plugs and toys for myself and my playmate. Glass toys are beautiful and functional, and I love them! Very welcome gifts. 😉 Don’t you love the thoughts of your mistress pleasuring herself with a toy you purchased for her? Amazon is one of the best places to shop for toys and vibrators, believe it or not! Almost all of my naughty toys have come from there!

When it comes to cosmetics, I always lean natural: mineral powders, sheer lip gloss, smoky eye shadows. I have a small selection of them on my wishlist, but feel free to treat me to anything you think I’ll enjoy.

I welcome gift certificates from just about anywhere! I live in upstate SC, so if you decide to treat me to dinner out, please make sure we have a restaurant location here. The great thing about gift certificates? Most of the time you can email them directly to me–easy peasy!

If you have something you know I’ll love, please feel free to send it directly to me:

LDW Group, Inc
Attention: Piper
18 Maple Ave
Barrington, RI, 02806

Just a couple of notes:

It is ESSENTIAL that you address the package to PIPER only. Do NOT address it to Mistress Piper, Goddess Piper, Empress, and so on. Just Piper.

If the item weighs over 10 pounds or so, please just send me a gift certificate for it. The office has a hard time hoisting huge items and reshipping them. Let’s save the backs of our beautiful office staff ladies! 😉