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Don’t worry, I like them small!

I’m amazed at the number of clients calling me up and confessing their kinks and fetishes while also telling me they have a small penis.

I quickly realized that a small penis can really affect a man’s life in quite dramatic ways. For such a small little thing, it has a big impact (quite possibly the only big impact it’s capable of).

For the record, let me state that if you’re hiding behind the “I’m not small, I’m average” argument, just be aware that average is never something to brag about.

You and I both know you don’t lust after average women, so don’t try to insult me by thinking your average penis is anything to be proud of.

The only woman who wants an average penis is a women who hasn’t been told cocks come in different sizes–which is to say, NONE of them.

It’s quite convenient that the sexual establishment has convinced women that it’s not “normal” to orgasm through intercourse, and that “average” penises are all we should desire–along with a very good vibrator to do the rest of hubby’s job.

You should apologize to every woman you’ve subjected to your substandard cock and offer to help her find an upgrade. And while you’re at it, inform her that you’re a submissive little bitch and you’re now taking your place where you belong.

I’m so pleased that most of my sweet callers here at LDW understand that their wee wee has earned them bottom bitch status and they don’t even pretend they could ever please me with with that thing. They understand that if they want to please me, they’ll have to do it by taking my strap on, sucking cock, or otherwise submitting to my whims and desires.

In the end though, they freely admit they prefer pleasing me this way. It just seems wrong when they put on airs and try to pretend to be all dominant and in control.

So what’s holding YOU back from facing the truth that your underwhelming cock has turned you into a submissive beta boy? Don’t you think it’s time you stopped lying to yourself?