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Oh, you want to spoil me?
Go right ahead!

Some of you have noticed that I’m not around as much as I used to be. For a while there, I was almost always logged in; I think some of you got a little spoiled!

I have been cutting back on my hours, but I have been doing so partly out of necessity. For one thing, I had gotten into the habit of never taking a day off, and that was beginning to wear on me. For the sake of my sanity, I’ve begun to take Fridays off. Of all the days I’m logged in, Fridays are the quietest.

The other reason I am sometimes not logged in when I normally would be is I’ve undertaken a rather challenging personal project–I’m in the throes of the home-buying process.

Several of you know I’ve been planning to buy my own home for several years now, and, well, the time is upon us.

Sometimes I have to attend inspections or do the millions of other things home buyers are forced to endure. Sometimes–I’m just going to be honest with you–I’m just taking some time off because the process is so emotionally draining.

But I want all of you to understand that I’m not disappearing, I’m not taking another job, and I certainly haven’t lost interest in you!

Many of my friends and fans have asked me how they can contribute to making my home-buying odyssey easier and more successful. I really appreciate your desire and willingness to treat me special!

The best way to contribute is through virtual bouquets or Amazon gift certificates. I prefer virtual bouquets, for obvious reasons. Just so you know, Ms. Ally very generously forwards 100% of all virtual bouquets directly to the Mistresses.

If you’d like to treat me to a virtual bouquet, all you have to do is call dispatch and tell the dispatcher you’d like to leave me a virtual bouquet. There is a $500 limit on the amount you can give per day, but since many of you have expressed a desire to gift more, I asked and found out you’re welcome to call back on successive days and gift more.

Amazon gift codes can be sent to my email address:

Of course, gifts are never expected, but so many of you have been wanting to be a part of my home buying experience I thought I’d put the info here. As many of you know, this is a HUGE deal that I’m buying a house on my own!

As always, thank you for your support and friendship all the time. I appreciate all of you who call, email, post comments, or just generally make my day brighter.

Keep an eye out for me when I am logged in, and I’ll speak to you soon!