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How's that for a rock hard cock?

How’s that for a rock hard cock?

I have a confession to make: I adore watching a man masturbate. I especially love it when a man places the camera between his legs when he’s laying down, giving me a perfect view of everything. It’s at once submissive and erotic: legs spread and exposing his cute little rosebud asshole, hands stroking his cock and balls while I watch his face contort in pleasure.

I suppose that makes me a bit of a cock stroking voyeur.

I remember the first time a man masturbated on cam for me. I asked him to do it on a whim, mainly to see if he would do it. And lo and behold! He did it! So, men like doing this sort of thing? It was a revelation.

I mean, I was fully clothed, sitting back in my chair, feet propped up on the desk. I was sipping a cold drink and watching the show. I even gave him some directions. I told him to take his shirt off and show me his chest, and then I made him stand up, turn around, and show me his ass. It was my first taste of controlling a man, and it made me a little dizzy with power.

If you call me for a cock stroking cam session, be prepared to put on a show. If you really want to make me happy, bring a toy along for your cute little ass. If you don’t have any toys, then grab a bottle of lube (or a small dish of olive oil) because I am going to watch you finger yourself.

Some mistresses aren’t really into the ass thing, but it is my one true love, lol.

If you’ve never played with your ass, then that’s okay. The ass, as far as I’m concerned, is for pleasure; I don’t ever expect or want my boy to hurt himself. Even a little rubbing on the outside or a tiny pinkie just inside that first ring of muscle can be enough to slam that orgasm straight through you.

And that is what happens when you play with your ass during a cock stroking session: it can make your orgasm very strong. If you can get your finger inside to your prostate and stroke it (or use a toy to reach it), you’ll increase the amount of your load exponentially, and shoot further than you ever have before.

And wouldn’t you love to show your mistress what a good little stroker boy you are? Show her how happy she makes you, how hard she makes you cum?

Then stop wasting time rubbing one out alone in your bedroom. Fire up your webcam, spread your legs, give me a call, and let’s get started!