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Jack-O-Lantern Blowjob

Hmmm….just round off these holes a little, and stick your cock right in!

So tell me. Do you ever drive down the roads in your neighborhood this time of year, passing all of those glowing pumpkins on the porches and think…..

Hmmm….I could really use a Jack-o-lantern blow job!

Well, you may think . . . → Read More: Jack-O-Lantern Blowjob

Stinky Little Men

Careful! Your giantess had a big lunch!

I have to admit…..giantess fantasies were new to me when I came aboard LDW. But that’s okay! I’m a quick learner.

I’ve noticed a pattern with a couple of my callers lately who love their beautiful giantess; these guys are so enamored with her that they . . . → Read More: Stinky Little Men