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masturbation mistress phone sex

A little something to get you stroking for me….

Stroke that cock

(click here to listen to me read this post in my sexy voice)

…..slowly…..faster…..slow it back down…..even slower now….

Ooh, you want to cum so badly don’t you?

You begin begging….”Mistress, may I cum?”

Oh, I don’t know….should I? Could I?

“PLEASE!” And you begin to pant.

The panic in your voice makes me laugh right out loud.

But you and I both know that I, as a denial phone sex mistress, had made up my mind long before you ever even began stroking, but you still want to give it a shot, don’t you? Maybe I’ll waver in my determination to deny you. Hmmm…..maybe.

Not. LOL!

Oh, I love to have your orgasm in my hands, one little word from me will bring that rush of release and pleasure. You want it so. fucking. badly.

It would be so easy for me to whisper the word you long to hear….”yessss…..”

And you would dissolve in a puddle of orgasmic pleasure. That hot cock firing, those tight balls emptying, your brain soothed by an orgasm.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Especially when your cock is begging for it.

Hmmm…..decisions decisions……

How about an orgasm denial game? Heads you cum, tails you don’t.

50-50 isn’t terrible odds, is it? Let’s give it a try…..I hear the hope in your voice…..

Tails! And I laugh, throwing my head back, knowing your feeble hope just crumbled in your little plaintive heart.

Hands off that cock, stroker boy. No cummies for you today.

And quit crying, for goodness sake. You knew the deal. After all, you did find me on the Cock Control website, didn’t you? The next time you want to cum, don’t seek out an accomplished denial mistress, because for us, the word NO makes us wetter than anything you could ever do to please us.

You didn’t stand a chance!