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The Humiliation of Being Ignored

Your wife’s angry at you for being a dumbass, and rather than getting mad, you’re so turned on because your wife ignores you!

It’s ironic that your wife’s attempt at punishing you just ends up getting you horny and makes you spend hours in the guest bathroom jerking off while she’s upstairs fuming. She has no idea how perverted you are, and if she only knew, she’d never speak to you again (which is oddly arousing to think about, isn’t it?)

Look, if you really want to be ignored, you should allow a woman who understands why you don’t deserve to enjoy a woman’s company do it for the right reasons. It’s hardly fair to your wife that you’re humping a towel while she’s angry with you.

See, I know all about your little fetishes, and I know how to use the fact you love being humiliated and ignored for MY benefit!

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A Cock Teasing Wife is a Life Sentence

It’s amazing how much trouble your cock gets you into. Before you were married, you had the best life, going out every night and doing whatever you want.

But your saw her across the room and she captivated you, didn’t she? Her flirty little look, the tossing of her hair, the way she made you think anything was possible….Then you found out exactly what she was capable of, and exactly what would be possible for you. You found out the hard way that cock teasing wives deny orgasms.

Let me ask you one thing: is the excitement of her cock tease make up for all of those orgasms you’re no longer allowed? Has she mindfucked you into being glad you rarely get to cum?

Things get dangerous when you love the tease more than the release, because that’s when your wife knows she really does own you.

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