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The Submissive Man’s Problem…..

Get some control with a Mistress

You know you love it!

The other day I wrote a post about the D/s Dynamic and Power Exchange. In it, I assured all of my submissives-to-be that I’m an understanding mistress interested in their pleasure alone. And it’s true; the mantra of any responsible mistress is “safe, sane, and consensual.”

But that’s only half the story, isn’t it? Of course your mistress has the situation under control. She’s the least of your worries, to be honest.

The real problem is you. Specifically, that unruly cock of yours and your weakness for women who take control of you.

I hate to say it, but that far away look in your eyes when I flip your switch is actually quite comical. You’re completely powerless to resist me because I know your little secrets, and just when you think I’m going to relent and allow you to release or relax, I jerk you back into line.

I am a fan of collars, ropes, handcuffs, and other implements of bondage, but I don’t need them with you; I control you from the inside. If I forbid you to touch your cock unless I give you permission, you obey without question. You beg me for discipline. You even beg me to punish you because you’ve betrayed me with your thoughts.

Oh, that’s not a problem, the punishment. You’d probably get a taste of punishment even if you tried your very best to be good, because I know how excited you get when I tell you to whack yourself on the ass. And also because I think it’s hilarious that you’ll call me, confess your transgressions, and then administer your own punishment. I love to punish you. It’s for your own good, and you know it.

You silly little man! I feel so sorry for you; you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Let me take care of you, help you figure out what to do with your miserable existence. Women like me can manage your cock, your orgasm (or lack thereof), we can even dictate what you eat and when, if you’re truly pathetic and lost.

Your problem is that you are a man. You cannot help that, but it’s time you face facts and realize how pointless it is to attempt to control your pathetic life.

Do yourself a favor: find a strong woman who is both willing and able to take control of your penis and your life. You know my number; it’s time to dial it.


1 comment to The Submissive Man’s Problem…..

  • Petey cream puff

    I admit that I’m a weak, submissive, feminine cream puff 🙁 I do need a strong women to take control of me 🙁 it’s happened with Ms Cindy as she has. It’s just I’ve never had this happen until now. She has me wearing a bra/panty set all the time. She caught me wearing it as I was ready to get off. I thought she was out all day but she was hiding taking pictures & videos of me. She mentioned this to all the mistresses and they all know what she’s done to me. With the soft, satin, silky fabrics against my soft,smooth hairless, girlish skin it’s to difficult to resist. I’m a girl stock in a guys body as she has put me on hormones with petite body,feminine arched eyebrows, as well d cup breasts. It’s been a while since I called her as life has been to busy:( I’ve called Audrey,Violet,Olivia & Alyssa and they said they know what to do to me as Cindy told them. All of you are to hot & sexy to resist and say no to. Everytime I get dressed and kissed I get hard and make a mess and the mistresses said very time I do this it means I’m submissive & weak and I have to stay this way all the time as chastity has been mentioned in locking me up, if that happens I’m ldw’s cream puff cup cake forever :0 🙁

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