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Three Ways To Eat Your Own Cum

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So. You want to eat your own cum.

That’s not all that unusual, not at all. I definitely think you should give it a try! Often during a call, you’ll ask me, “How do you want me to eat my cum for you?”

Honestly, the easiest way to start eating your own cum is KISS–Keep It Simple (cum)Sucker. Use your hand.

You really don’t need to get fancy your first few times because it’s actually harder to eat cum than you think because once you orgasm, the idea is going to suddenly seem strangely unappealing. You want it to be quick and dirty–at least at first.

Once you master actually doing it, then you can move on to what we can call advanced cum eating techniques.

Eat your cum out of a condom.

This is a really dirty way to do it. I like to make cum sluts chew their cum condom like kinky gum. Can you imagine how nasty you would be walking around after a cum eating phone session gnawing on a leaky condom? Talk about cum breath! Ewww!

Personally, I like this option for the humiliation aspect.

Lick it up–off a dish, off a desk, off the floor.

It’s not quite as nasty as chewing a cum condom, but licking cum off the floor can certainly make you feel like a bitch. I had a pet who slurped up gritty cum, and that was never a boring time. If you’re not quite ready to lick it off the floor, then shoot it on your desk and lick it up for your mistress. I guarantee she’ll enjoy that!

2 comments to Three Ways To Eat Your Own Cum

  • Ms. Piper, these are excellent tips! I’ll be sure and send all of the newbie cum eaters from Live Help to this post for a brief overview, because keeping it simple really is the key to success on one’s very first try. (IMO!) Legs over the head, toys, and other advanced techniques are harder to pull off when you aren’t even accustomed to the taste of your own cum.) KISS sounds so sensual, sexy, and evokes thoughts of something sweet and tasty, which is how cum eating SHOULD be approached. 🙂

  • dickwacker

    Dear Mistress Piper- I so adore being your cum eating bitch. I love to hear you laugh as you make me just hold it in my mouth, swish it around my tongue or force it between my teeth. Sorry I came so fast during our last call the next time that happens I think you should make me do a 5 minute time out with a mouthful of cum. Or make me hold it in my mouth and play repeat after me games. I love to admit what a fucktard looser bitch I am. Then when the time is up make me swallow it or spit my cum back in my hand and rub it on my face and in my hair. If you think I need a more severe punishment for being such a quick shot just let me know and I will call in and pay my penalty.

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