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Ready to tie you up and make you scream!

You know why I’m excited about tomorrow and Friday? It’s the perfect time to troll for a new toy!

(click here to listen to me read this post to you!)

See, I’m going to be very busy tomorrow during our free phone sex call promotion as all kinds of new voices flock to experience a little Piper pleasure. I, of course, will be fantasizing about all of them tied up and screaming with pleasure!

Each potential new toy will be lulled into a false sense of security by my sweet voice, and I’ll be chuckling to myself, setting my trap.

When the time is right….SNAP!

Suddenly, he’s horny and addicted; quite a fruitful end to trolling for a new captive if you ask me!

Will you feel sorry for him? Surely you know from experience what the rest of his life will be like: desperately looking for a few stolen moments to call, hiding sex toys in the basement, covered in humiliation, shame, and a good bit of his own cum!

I may not be able to tie you up in person, but even so, you WILL be tied up and screaming!

Surely all of you understand that your  dignity is a small price to pay for the pleasure of being enslaved and held captive by a woman like me. The benefits are numerous: a hard, throbbing, denied cock, achy blue balls, a sense of shame that never lets go.

You will be trussed up like a porky treat, and the more you try to escape, the tighter your binds become. Men are so easy to capture! You’ll wonder why you don’t just make your escape; after all, nobody has really bound and gagged you.

I hope it’s embarrassing that a little thing like me has trapped you and continue to keep you tied up and screaming with pleasure!