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Sweet as sugar, but with a bite!

It’s Halloween, and some of you are enjoying the holiday dressing up and going out on the town for a night of slutty fun. Some of you, however, are stuck at home dipping into leftover candy.

Well, you don’t have to be stuck with a bowlful of rejected Almond Joys. (Why on earth do they still make those abominations??? Does anyone actually eat them?) You can have your own trick or treat playtime!

You’ll need some Halloween candy and your favorite lube. Put your candy inside a trick or treat bag (or an empty grocery bag or pillowcase, depending on your trick or treat style). Now you’re ready to play!

Lube up your cock and get to stroking. Stroke up to an edge, and then stop. Reach inside your candy bag and grab the first candy you touch. (No cheating by feeling around!)

If you grab a piece of chocolate, then you must edge two more times before you go back into the bag. If it’s anything else, edge one more time and then reach for more candy.

You’ll repeat this routine for 5 rounds. After the fifth round, I imagine you will be very horny and sweaty and ready for a big release. Here’s where the trick or treat comes into play:

Reach into your treat bag once more–again, no cheating and feeling around!–and take out a final piece of candy. This time, however, chocolate will earn you a RUINED orgasm, and anything else gets you a full-blown release!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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