You still have a few hours to grab our TwoForTuesday Anniversary Promotion: a Two-Mistress Call for the price of a Single Mistress Call!

This has been a fantastic anniversary month, and we’re not done yet! Today we’re celebrating with a double team special, and check back tomorrow for an announcement of our final sexy anniversary promo. I promise you’re going to LOVE it!

AND….You know I’m the consummate Mindfuck Mistress here at LDW, right? Of COURSE you do! Ever wonder how I do it? Why, intimate knowledge, of course!

Mistress Piper uses Intimate Knowledge to Dominate You

I know you very intimately. I listen to every word you say, even things you’re not aware you’ve divulged. When a woman knows a man, she can possess him quite easily.

long term mistress relationship

You Know You Need It!

I never yelled, and I never raised my voice. I never threatened you, and I never gave you any direct orders. Even so, you are no longer your own man. You are mine. As unbelievable as it may seem, you are completely dominated and controlled by phone, controlled by me.

You don’t mind, though, because you love the way it feels to have me in your head and to have me control your cock. See, I know what you need, and I make sure you get exactly what you need.

You think you know what you need. You think that grabbing your chubby any old time it twitches and making it spit is what you want, but in the long run, that’s just an empty endeavor.

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