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Two Surefire Ways To Tickle Mistress Piper’s Fancy!

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You Know You Need It!

I know you like to please your Mistress Piper, and you’re always looking for new ways to make me happy, RIGHT? Read on for two surefire ways to tickle my fancy!

Cock and Ball Torment Proves Your Submission to Mistress Piper

You know, you probably wouldn’t think I’d love CBT as much as I do, but I love to put my slaves through cock and ball torment.

I’m not a mean Mistress, I promise you. I have, however, discovered I am a sadistic Mistress with a taste for pain. Others’ pain, of course! A man’s cock and balls are so delightfully tender and easily injured. Why, just a little bit of pressure from a good-natured ball squeeze can make a man gasp and try to protect his precious little family jewels. Which begs the question, if the jewels are so precious, why are they dangling out there, practically begging me to kick them?

I’m not sure I can think of anything more precious to sacrifice for your Mistress than your vulnerable man parts; I’ll certainly know you make my pleasure a priority when you’re nearly in tears from CBT and other torments.

(Read more at Domination Bootcamp: Cock and Ball Torment Proves Your Submission to Mistress Piper)

Become Ms. Piper’s Oral Slave Cuckold

Let me guess. Like all cuckolds, you brag about how good you are with your tongue. I wonder if you’re good enough for cuckold oral servitude.

I should let you know upfront that I’ve had a lot of mouth slaves, and I can tell the real tongue sluts from the pretenders. You may think you love to lick pussy, but licking pussy and being a face throne for a dominant woman are two very different things.

For one thing, licking pussy is mostly about you. Oh, I know you make women cum, and that makes you feel like the goddamn fucking man, but it’s still about you–your skills, your manliness, and your pleasure.

When you’re a throne for a dominant woman, you’re serving her through body worship. The operative word being, of course, worship.

(Read more at Cuckold Bootcamp: Become Ms. Piper’s Oral Slave Cuckold)

2 comments to Two Surefire Ways To Tickle Mistress Piper’s Fancy!

  • Oh, Ms. Piper, now THAT is a juicy blog post! The more I read, the more I grinned from ear-to-ear and felt like my horns and tail were showing. Delicious!

    And speaking of delicious… What about that CBT?! Doesn’t it feel even more wicked and satisfying when a submissive mistakenly assumes that you are probably not a big fan of CBT – and then you reveal the truth?! In your case, I can see why a sub might underestimate not only your interest, but the fact that you can’t help but smile when you give his naughty bits “the treatment”. The look… The demeanor… The sexiness… The way it seems as though a certain something is lurking just behind your smile… And it makes me laugh to imagine what some of your subs think when they find out that the “certain something” is your affinity for giving those balls a right smack or giving a cock a good wake-up call. Ouch! 😀

    I would LOVE to share a CBT call with you and see you work your Ms. Piper’s pain magic in action, so don’t be surprised when I come tapping you on the shoulder. 😉

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