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Don’t forget! Catch me from 12 am until 2 am December 14!

We talk a lot about how you can serve me. I know you’re quite obsessed with serving me well, and that is why I’m calling your mouth into service.

(Too busy serving me with your mouth to read? Click here to listen!)

It’s an easy way for you to focus on exactly how to serve me day in and day out, simply by thinking, “What have I done with my mouth today to serve Mistress Piper?” Have you spoken words that I would approve of? Have you fantasized about all the ways you could please my body with your mouth?

Some of you have been called to learn how to suck cock. Have you practiced on a dildo or on the real thing?

Some of you have a difficult relationship with your wife, and I have made it quite clear that serving her (and not bitching and moaning) is the same as serving me. After all, keeping your wife happy clears the way for you to serve me better and more often!

The thing for you to understand is that, yes, you may enjoy some aspects of oral servitude. You may enjoy fantasizing about how my moist pussy would feel on your face and tongue. You may even enjoy sucking cock. But the point of service is not your pleasure.

You are to be focused on pleasing me. You must learn to find great pleasure in making me happy and making me proud. In time, you will care about yourself less and pleasing me more. You will learn to enjoy the satisfaction in knowing you’re doing the right thing and making me happy. Your purpose will become my pleasure, and that will be the thing that makes you feel successful.

You will feel great relief knowing you can finally do something well and do it correctly. You will enjoy belonging to a Mistress who knows how to use you to your fullest potential!