sploshing food play with Mistress Piper

Get sticky and messy with me!

Trick or treat! Did all of you naughty pervs get to dress up in your skimpy little outfit and prance around this Halloween? Did you get a lot of treats for your tricks?

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There are a lot of you who love to gobble down cum and don’t need any treats to make it palatable. But there are some of you naughty sluts who haven’t learned to either be obedient enough to eat cum, or learned to love it. (I hear it’s an acquired taste, but I wouldn’t know!)

Until you’ve learned how to be a good little cum gobbler, then I do have a little work-around for you. Halloween candy is perfect for the reluctant cum eater. It sweetens the deal, so to speak.

How do you use Halloween candy to eat your own cum? Well, it’s easy enough to do, but you’ll have to change the way you eat cum, depending on the candy.

pass the penis gameYou could make a naughty little “candy corn chowder” with some candy corn and your oozing spunk. Just place a few pieces of candy corn in a shot glass or condiment bowl and dispense your cock broth into the glass or bowl. Then bottoms up!

Enjoy some diy chocolate creams by squirting your jizz on chocolate squares. Down the hatch!

For you aspiring cocksuckers there’s always the naughty sperm coated blow pop. It’s a training implement AND a cum eating aid in one–not to mention, you have some gum to chew after you swallow your own cum.

How do YOU plan on eating your own cum with tricks or treats? Comment below and let me know!