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I’ll be sweet, but relentless

I hear it every single day: How can I please you Mistress?

(click here to listen to me read this post to you!)

Now, on the surface, that is a very good question. What Mistress wouldn’t want to meet a good little bitch who only wanted to please? Of course I want to be pleased!

But my question to you is whether you mean what you say, or whether your dick is doing your talking for you. You may think this is all a game, and I won’t care if you’re blowing smoke, but you’re wrong.

It’s a question of what you want. Do you want a little slap and tickle on the phone, a one-off thrill? If so, I don’t care what you say. Go ahead and lie, make it up, tell me all kinds of bullshit.

If you call me and say you want something else–something ongoing, something real, some kind of give and take–then you’re going to need to clean up your act.

This month I had several of you calling me with all kinds of fanciful promises. I think a few of you got a little offended when I didn’t believe your bullshit right off the bat, but bitches, this ain’t my first rodeo.

I’d like to say that I was proven wrong this month, but so far none of you newbies have ponied up even a fraction of what you promised–and this does not please me.

I had promises of future calls, lavish gifts, proof of devotion through pain, promises of changing bad habits….Too many disappointments to count.

Let’s take a step back and let’s reexamine what it means to please a Mistress. Pleasing a Mistress means building trust, and you can’t build trust if you do not honor your word.

I’d much rather you promise less and do what you say you will. I’m sure if you give it some thought, you’d prefer that too.