Have you been enjoying the mindfuck meditations I’ve been posting around the Empire? Just so you know, these are teasers of much more in depth and effective trance meditations I have planned for 2019.

(Are your ready to be mindfucked? Click here to go into a trance with Mistress Piper!)

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about what I’ve been posting. First of all, you may be asking whether these “mindfucks” work. I want you to know that they do. I have actually gone to school for this kind of thing, and the way I do mine makes them effective. I have studied the subconscious, and let’s just say I know how to talk to it.

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos around the internet designed to shame you and humiliate you. I’m not going to say those don’t work, but from what I’ve seen I’m confident my meditations work much more effectively. I won’t give up my secrets, but suffice to say mine have more than entertainment value.

In the past two weeks, I’ve posted mindfucks on cuckolding, cock sucking, feminization, and more. The possibilities for this kind of conditioning are endless!

Do you have a goal that has felt out of reach for a long time? I can design a program for you and we can work on it together.

Oh, and don’t think fetishes are the only thing my meditation programs are good for. I’ve helped clients with nicotine addiction, anxiety, weight loss, stress relief, and more. You and I can work together and achieve great things!

Tomorrow I’m going to give you some more information and how-tos on mindfuck meditations. Don’t miss that post!