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Oooh....You need it, you want it!

How about a FREE phone sex call with me?

And I’m not talking about any chintzy-ass 10-minute call either….I’m talking a FREE 20 Minute Call.

Ooh, you just got a lil boner, didn’t you? πŸ˜‰

Here’s how to WIN a free 20-minute call with yours truly (there are two ways to enter):

  1. Anytime you make a call with me, whether you’re a panty boy, a stroker boy, or a naughty sissy, you get one entry for every 10 minutes you spend with me. Depending on when and how long your call is, you will be assigned a number (or a series of numbers). These numbers are your official ticket numbers. If you ask, I will be happy to give you your ticket numbers….just drop me an email and I’ll get them to you ASAP.
  2. You can also enter to win free phone sex by entering my photo contest! No purchase necessary! See complete details below for rules to the photo contest. Each submission counts as ONE entry. You will be assigned a number for each unique photograph you submit.
  3. Drawing for free 20-minute phone sex call will be held July 16. If you give me your email address at the time of your call, then I can contact you if you are the winner. Winners have 3 days to claim their prize, otherwise, a new winner will be chosen. Keep the dial tuned here to find out the winning number!


Photo Contest:

How dirty does Mother Nature truly get? Well, let’s just try and find out! Find a picture of mother nature being naughty and submit it to win a free phone sex session.

  • Your photo must be erotic, but cannot contain any human or animal subjects. Rocks, flowers, mountains, streams, etc, are all fair game. Be creative!
  • You may compose your photo, as long as there are no animal or human subjects in the photo.
  • The subject of your photo must be found in nature, not man-made, i.e., no buildings, cars, etc.

Photo Contest Official Rules:

  1. Your photo must be completely original, and you must have been taken by YOU. If your photo is found to be the work of someone else, you will be immediately disqualified from taking part in the contest.
  2. By submitting your photo, you give LDW complete license to display your photo and use it as LDW sees fit. You further agree that the photo will become the property of LDW.
  3. Your photo will be posted on Enchantrix Empire, for all your fellow kinksters to see and comment upon.
  4. You may enter as many times as you like, and will receive one entry into the free call contest per photo.
  5. Photo contest ends July 12, 2012.
  6. If entries into the photo contest turn out to be exceptional, a winning photo *may* be chosen for an additional prize. Additional prizes, if any, for the photo contest will be announced here and on Enchantrix Empire.

Any questions? Drop me an email or comment below!

Get to it, boys, who doesn’t like a little free phone sex?