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When You Need A Woman To Understand . . .

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You can trust me to keep your secrets!

I had a great conversation the other day with a caller of mine who’d dropped off the grid–for a quite understandable reason.

(I’ll understand if you’d rather listen to this post than read it. Click here to hear the audio of this post!)

See, he’d gotten married and was trying to channel all of his sexual and kinky energy into his marriage. I completely understood when he needed to tend to himself and his new bride. There’s no reason to fear your phone Mistress’ wrath when you stop calling for very valid reasons.

I was surprised to hear from him last week, but truthfully I was delighted. He was one of my favorite callers (and no I’m not just saying that!)

He didn’t want to talk about all of the crazy things we used to talk about, at least not directly. He wanted to talk about some other stuff I knew about, a situation he was having a hard time coming to terms with. So we put kink aside for the duration of our call and we talked about what was going on with him.

Here’s the thing: I do a lot of dirty talking here on my blog. I’m outrageous, I’m nasty, and I’m very domineering. But I’m also a woman with a big heart.

You may find it hard to believe, but you’re not likely to meet many people who care more about you than I do. In fact, all of the crazy outrageous things I say and do stems from my understanding and my affection for you. I know what you need, and I know that submissive men are full of contradictions. Well, so are phone Mistresses.

Sometimes two very different things are true at the same time. For instance, I can admire you for the man you are and the things you’ve accomplished and I can reduce you to a whimpering mess all at the same time. I can know you’re strong and weak, and that one doesn’t negate the other.

So don’t let all of my big talk scare you away. You can trust me to try and understand you on a very deep and satisfying level. If you need a real connection, you’re safe with me.

10 comments to When You Need A Woman To Understand . . .

  • jim

    This post really connected to me. As you know I have spoken with you numerous times (thank you). But I do get afraid that you will be angry with me if there is a lapse in my calling. It is hard to explain this but yes I get afraid of you. Maybe part of that is not rational but it is real for me. I also feel very vulnerable as you know some truths about me that others do not (some do but for the most part I hide them…but you know). It makes me feel both very attached and needy but also vulnerable to you.

    • Piper

      “Lapses” in calling happen for a variety of reasons, and it’s not my job to judge you for taking care of what you need. It’s much more effective to keep the door open for you when you’re ready to return. The only time my feathers get ruffled is when you say you’ll do one thing but then break your word. That makes me very grumpy! Otherwise, don’t worry about me being angry with you!

  • Tea Bag

    I hope that photo was taken on a good vacation, Mistress!

  • I’ve learned that many amazing women like yourself are not only incredibly sexy in great at what they do but are also awesome people. The world would be a better place if we had more people like yourself. ❤️

  • tiny tim

    I enjoyed reading this Mistress Piper. Dominant with a big heart.

  • Tink

    You are an amazing, insightful woman!

    Have you ever watched “Arrestied Development”? One character is licensed as an analyst and as a therapist, making him an “analrapist.” You can be my analrapist any time!

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