cuckold humiliation

Too bad I won’t be spreading my legs for you, cuckold!

When Your Wife Wants to Cuckold You, but You’re not so Sure

You married a beautiful woman WAY out of your league. Deep down, you knew better, but you couldn’t resist the lure of a sexy delicious siren who turns all of that beauty your way.

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You’ve always felt it was only a matter of time before she realized she got the short end of the stick (literally) and demand an upgrade. Let me ask you this: did you ever feel 100% secure in your marriage? Didn’t you always have a nagging little feeling that if she was with you, she had to be getting a real man’s cock somewhere else?

Well, let me put your mind at rest: she’s been fucking around on you from the beginning. At least now you know, right?

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How to be a Well-Behaved Sissy Housewife

You know that your man has worked all day and wants to come home to the sight of a pretty lady and a home-cooked meal.

The heat of the kitchen will cause your hair to wilt and your dress to wrinkle, so get that rib roast in the oven in time to have a glass of sherry and freshen up before hubby comes home. We can’t have you looking like your make-up melted when he comes in the door expecting his sissy housewife to meet him with a kiss and a cocktail.

To be safe, just leave enough time to have a quick shower or bath and apply your make-up fresh and get that crisp dress out of the plastic from the cleaners. You’ll look like a fresh little daisy, ready to be plucked from the field.

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