You’re a simpering cuckold with a taste for a good spanking. You love to be over my knee with your bare ass turning red.

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My black lover Tyrone thinks it’s hilarious how hard your little 3 inch dick gets while I spank you–and how you sometimes spunk my thighs while I do it. It gives him wicked ideas when you’re head down ass up, though. I guess your little hiney turning red gets him thinking of how warm your butt would feel while he was pounding your virgin hole.

The hilarious thing about this whole situation is how horny you got when I told you what Tyrone said about butt fucking you while I spank your skinny ass. He said all husbands with tiny rice dicks deserve to be spanked–and what better way to top off a spanking than with a nice massage.

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I know how to persuade you to do dirty things!

Not to mention the hot cream Tyrone will squirt all over your poor sore booty. Don’t you want some hot cream to make it all better?

Tyrone and I had such a good laugh while we were playing around in bed–the bed you and I got for a wedding gift. We joked about how fast you’d cum if he did kick your legs apart while you were bent over my lap. You’d be helpless, and he’d be able to take full advantage of you!

But you wouldn’t mind, would you honey? All of that humiliation would just get your lil pee pee going. You’d probably have a spontaneous orgasm before he even shoved his cock in you!

Tyrone and I are quite confident you’d be a multi-orgasmic gurl if he ever did fuck your ass. You’d become addicted for sure! How humiliating is that?