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Why hump a pillow, when you can hump a friend?

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Are you saying you’d like to hump ME?

I had the most hilarious call last week from a humiliation slut humper boy. He’d read about me making sluts hump pillows, and he said he had to call.

(Too busy humping your pillow pet? Click here to listen!)

The only thing was, he didn’t hump a pillow, per se; he humped a pillow p e t! Yep, it was a poor little unassuming turt tle (yes the spelling is intentional) that was the object of his affection! He folded that poor p e t up like a little bun and inserted his weiner and humped away!

I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off and taunt this depraved turt tle pillow p e t humper as he wailed away on his “friend.” It was the most pathetic thing I’d heard in a long time. I guess he was teaching that poky little turt tle a lesson for not getting his ass out of the way of his pervy dick!

So this has stirred up yet another urge to find out what the most humiliating thing you stick your dick in–extra points if you let me watch you on Skype!

I don’t know why, but I find myself thinking about cutting one of those pool noodles down the center and opening it up, then sticking a weiner in, just like a real weenie bun! Even more extra points if you fuck the noodle with ketchup and mustard (or you can do it like we do it in South Carolina and add some chili and onions!).

Oh my mind is spinning with all the possibilities! Who will be the first one to entertain me with his creative humping object of affection?

6 comments to Why hump a pillow, when you can hump a friend?

  • Ms. Piper,

    Are you really ready for this? Those who hump things other than their hands can get pretty creative. You know you’re going to get at least one who has one of those Japanese body pillows with an anime character on it! I for one am going to be following this comment thread closely because I want to see just what humiliating objects our stroker boys have been humping!

  • LMFAO!! Oh that poor little stuffed turtle, and any other stuffed pillow for that matter. Now the pool noodles as weiner 🙂 pillow humping is very popular among the sissy bois, especially satin pillows in pink and smelling of lavender. Somehow I don’t see fleshlights for sissies. Satin pillows only. No manly stuff 🙂

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Ms Piper…great post. Can’t help but think about all the objects I have stuck my cock in over the years – both alone and on cam for the lovely mistresses of LDW. Probably more objects than I care to admit to or even remember 🙂 And yes I to have enjoyed sticking my weiner in a lubed up hollow pool noodle (aka “Pigs in the Blanket” style but without the condiments). I can’t speak for others here, but for me..yes it is so much fun sticking my dick into objects and humping away…and it’s even more fun when I get on cam for mistress and she watches me and cheers me on 🙂

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Yes…..yes….ohhhhhh…..yes….. I do love to hear those 3 little words !!!!!

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