On your knees to worship me!

You feel you’re missing out on something in life, don’t you? There’s a hole in your being that you don’t know how to fill.

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You have a great family, a great job, a lovely house, and a nice car. You have it all. Then why is it you keep looking for something else? Because all of those things you have are quite meaningless unless your submissive need to please is satisfied.

You need to sacrifice something to a woman who knows how to push you hard. The admiration from your family is great, but it pales in comparison to the woman who is demanding and expects you to really perform for her. She knows when you’re simply phoning it in, and she calls you on your shit.

A Mistress like me isn’t concerned with stroking your ego and making you feel good. Your job is to make ME feel good, and I’m not easy to please.

But that’s what you’re hungry for. You want someone who won’t settle for less than everything. You craving and need for me is overwhelming, and you know if I wanted to, I could destroy you. You’re grateful I’m nice and allow you to keep all of the nice things you’ve amassed in your life–for now, anyway.

There’s nothing like that feeling when I call you my good boy. A good boy is all you want to be. It’s your single most important accomplishment. You know that praise from your Mistress is difficult to earn, and you know I feel absolutely no need to flatter you.

If you bring me pleasure, then you have something to be proud of, something to be happy about, something that brings you peace and fulfillment. It’s your purpose, and you’re happy to have found it.