I recently received an email from a sassy little sissy demanding to know why Mistresses expect sissies to never cum. Didn’t I understand that cumming is healthy, and not cumming is bad for prostate health????

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Now I think *most* of my sissies know that cumming is something they get to do quite often. After all, it’s so humiliating cleaning up your sissy mess with your mouth, and I rarely pass up an opportunity to humiliate a sissy. Even some of my non-sissy pets get to cum on the regular.

However, I do often prefer to deny orgasms. Not indefinitely, but for periods of time. Some periods are longer, some are shorter. Denial makes a pet much more compliant and eager to obey. Once you’ve been denied for a rather long time, you truly do belong to me.

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I’m thinking of you. Are you thinking of me?

Eventually, a denied slave will enjoy the connection to his Mistress denial makes possible more than cumming–and that makes a Mistress VERY happy!

If you’ve never been denied for an extended period of time, then that claim sounds implausible, but I assure you that it happens often. Besides the sheer joy found in watching a man squirm and beg, this is the reason a Mistress requires denial.

Every Mistress values a committed servant, and the commitment a man makes when he sacrifices his orgasm is especially valuable. Service isn’t supposed to be easy.

When you choose to do the difficult things to show your Mistress your love and fidelity, she knows she can trust you and place her faith in you. A connection like this is more satisfying than even the best orgasm!