Do you ever feel like your secrets are backing up and causing blockages in your psyche? When you have thoughts that have nowhere to go, it can make you feel a little crazy.

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It doesn’t even matter what your secrets are. They may be of a sexual nature, or maybe they’re not. Don’t you think it’s really the fear of being found out that eats at your soul, making it almost impossible to relax? It seems to me that having a confidante (and perhaps a partner in crime) could make you feel so much better.

It can be terrifying to tell someone your worst secrets. You may not even know how to form the words and may need to ask for help. But that’s okay. If you get freaked out you can always hang up and forgot you ever talked to your Mistress!

If you can find the courage to make the call, however, I think you’ll find that your biggest secret isn’t actually all that unusual. Chances are good that an erotic confessional Mistress will make you feel a lot better.

Not only will you feel better shining some light on your deep dark secret, but you may actually gain a partner in crime for all of your adventures. Can you imagine me putting you up to some dirty deeds? Ooh, I promise you’ll have so. much. fun.

I just had a little adventure with my little sissy Cherry this past week. Little missy got all dressed up, wrote “Cum Dumpster” across her tits, and marched herself right out to the glory holes to suck some dick!

So let’s just end this leery skeery b.s. you’ve got going on. Hitch up your panties and dial that phone. It’s time for you to feel better, and it’s WAY past time for you to have some fun!