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YES, you’ve been waiting for it–Dirty Santa Stocking Stuffer #5

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Some Inspiration (as if you need it!)

I’m going to give a very grateful shout out to one of my most loyal and eager to serve pets Joe, who has stepped up and made sure all of you have plenty of spank bank stocking stuffers this season.

He has a sexy little guided masturbation script for you, and I think you’re going to REALLY like it!

Now class, everyone say thank you to Joe for being a good little eager pet for Mistress…..

“Thanks Joe!!!”

Dirty Santa Spank Bank Stocking Stuffer Custom Erotic Audio #5: You’re Not Doing It Right–Guided Masturbation With Piper

Now, tomorrow you can look forward to another HOT sissy erotic audio from Tink. You are in for a TREAT with this one. Back when Tink used to call me on the regular, Tinky used to really get me wet with all of his humiliating scenarios and his desperate humiliation.

In case you’re wondering, I miss you Tinky Winky!

On Saturday you can look forward to a little CFNM party and find out exactly what happens when you send me dick pics without permission.

If you’re jealous of all this attention being lavished on these dirty boys and their scripts, you can get in on the fun too! All you have to do is check out the deets here: Get Your OWN Free Custom Erotic Audio.


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