Now that there is more openness about female sexuality, you understand that women can be voracious when it comes to how much and how often they crave sex.

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At the same time, the vast majority of married women tend to dodge their husbands’ sexual needs. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking your wife is just not “normal.” The problem is hardly with her! Given the correct situation, your normally frigid wife will warm right up!

And what kind of “correct situation” does she need? You know it already: she needs a cuckold bull cock to get her inspired to capture the cougar within!

Your wife can certainly benefit from not being tasked with keeping your winky well fed. Give her a break from your whining and complaining; hump your hand, because you know that’s what you deserve!

If you’re like most wannabe cuckolds, your wife hasn’t quite figured out how cuckolding can benefit the wife. That doesn’t mean you’re entitled to her pussy. Leave her alone and give her a chance to find her own way.

You may enjoy being a cuckold, but cuckolding is not about your penis! Your penis is what has run your marriage off the road, so quit expecting it to be your wife’s problem. Your cock isn’t desirable. She doesn’t want your disappointing dick! Your wife deserves a man who can treat her like the queen she is. Find her a good man who can satisfy her and have him pursue her. Let her cheat on you and get away with it!

These are all things you know in your heart. You know your wife needs something more than you bring her every night; now it’s time to do something about it!