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You Might Be A Cuckold If . . .

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You? A Cuckold? Surely NOT!

Do you ever wonder whether that sneaking suspicion your wife is stepping out on you has any credence to it?

Has your wife stopped feeling the need to put out for you, and yet she still “makes an effort” to look good? You might be a cuckold!

Does your wife have frequent “girls nights out” with her friends who are usually up to no good? You might be a cuckold!

Has it been so long since you’ve had sex with anything other than your hand that you’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have REAL sex? You guessed it, you might be a cuckold!

Here’s the thing: normal women feel a bit of pressure to keep pleasing their men unless they’ve stopped caring what their husbands think. If you’re not being pleased, your wife doesn’t care what you think!

This could be because of a lot of reasons, but at the heart of every reason is the understanding that you’re not going anywhere. She has no real need to please you because on some level she senses you’re submissive. She knows she’s the one in charge!

So you shouldn’t be surprised if the wife you thought was simply uninterested in sex turns out to be pleasing someone else–someone decidedly less submissive and WAY more capable of throwing her down and making her feel like a real woman. If you’re really honest with yourself, you don’t really blame her for going after what she wants. On some level you know she deserves the kind of man she really needs.

After all, you’re so busy sniffing the crotch of her panties for evidence of her infidelity and jerking off to be the kind of husband she thought she was getting!

6 comments to You Might Be A Cuckold If . . .

  • Hahahahahaha! I LOVE it! Especially the last line! I’ve said to so many cuckolds who call Me for advice, listen, if on some level you either deserve to be cuckolded, love to be cuckolded, or both, you’d be gone by now! Some men are just meant to be the one who does all the hand-holding and chick-flick watching and anniversary-gift-getting and completing of the honey-do list, without complaint, and some men are meant to do the deep-dicking!

  • princess

    You’ve described me perfectly! I believe I am in a cuckold relationship. My wife cut me off years ago…..although she didn’t specifically state that. It is just that there is no sex anymore….She goes to the gym, often dresses sexily, has a drawer full of new lingerie, has frequent ‘long lunches’ with male co-workers, and ‘girls nights out’ on a regular basis. She knows i am submissive and even that i have cuckold fantasies……..i guess this is a ‘be careful what you wish for situation! Great post Ms Piper

  • Over the last few years Sex with my wife has become less frequent. It was once per month but now it’s been a few months since we last had sex. When we do have sex she almost always initiates. She has complained about the lack of sex we have and I have on occasion suggested to her that she find another man to take care of her needs. She’s rejected the idea saying she wants to have great sex with me. She doesn’t know that I’m a sissy though she knows about my submissive side.

    I’ve never found any evidence in the laundry that she’s been with someone else but I do suspect sometimes she might be. I hope one day I do find evidence or just just tells me. ☺️

    • Piper

      It can be hard for a “civilian” wife to understand a submissive’s needs, especially your desire to be cuckolded. I hope you and your wife can eventually understand one another and figure out how both of you can get what you want and need!

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