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You’re Enslaved And Owned By My Ass

On your knees to worship me!

It has been a while since my ass has been properly worshipped. I like nothing more than having a submissive bitch on his knees while I pin his face to the wall with my firm round ass.

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You have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You can’t even move anything other than your lips and your tongue–which is the way I think things should be anyway. I don’t enjoy you the way women enjoy a non-submissive man. In my opinion, your best asset is your mouth and all the things I shove in it.

I love the way your little pee pee gets so erect and even jerks around when I order you to shove your tongue in my asshole.

“Really get it in there. Tongue fuck my ass. You can do better than that! Lick me on the inside of my sweet sexy hole.” You do as you’re told, and this makes me very happy.

You’ve been a good boy for a while now, always so eager to please and working so hard to give me what I want. You know that what I want and what you want haven’t always been the same thing. At one time, you thought you’d actually rack up some boyfriend points with me! It’s good that I’ve set you straight, and you have resigned yourself to the way things are and will be from now on.

Your ugly little wee wee cannot please me, but your mouth can. My total ownership of you means you are willing to make me happy any way you can. I’ve trained you well!

3 comments to You’re Enslaved And Owned By My Ass

  • Slutboy

    Mistress Piper – few people and even few Mistresses seem to completely understand the way the mind of a true ass-slut works. But this post by you makes it clear that you understand.
    Mix in a couple of other humiliations and we would have a bounty of delights !!

  • Steph

    Mistress, wonderful post! Ass worship is such an act of total submission for a boy; and no matter how much he might enjoy rimming and worshipping a woman’s lovely backside and a*hole, at some point a boy’s tongue gets tired, his knees can start to ache, and it becomes difficult to breath around that soft bottom. It’s heaven and hell all at the same time! Needless to say, I would love to worship your beautiful bottom, Mistress! Steph

  • Oh yeah Ms Piper, use that slut’s tongue, love the way you make him circle your ass hole all the way around. No short cuts. Guys with small cocks always have use with that tongue after all. Since their dicks are worthless, their tongues always make up for it!

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