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What Will You Sacrifice For Mistress?

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Yes, it’s supposed to be hard

Mistress expects a REAL sacrifice. One that will be hard to hand over. Speaking of hard…how about your cock?

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All Mistresses know that if you control a man’s cock, you control the rest of him too, and so it makes sense that all Mistresses are going to want to boss that dick around.

Besides, aren’t you tired of being in charge of it?

Your dick is no friend to you, that is for sure. How many times has it betrayed you?

Your girlfriend makes a bet with you, and if you lose she “makes” you wear high heels and dance around. You’re trying to keep the fact that you’re a dirty little cross-dressing sissy a secret, but you-know-who can’t help but tattle on you.

Oh, your girlfriend may not mention that your cock got hard while you were twerking in heels, but make no mistake–she noticed!

Just give up on trying to keep your cock in line. Quit being betrayed by an unruly penis that tells all of your secrets. Your Cock Control Mistress knows how to keep your cock–and the rest of you–firmly in hand.

Let’s talk about how we’re going to take care of this problem. Call me now and let’s make a Cock Control Strategy!

It’s time we showed your naughty little cock who’s boss–and I am the boss of that cock! Mistress owns your cock. Mistress owns the rest of you too!

Surrender your cock and yourself to Mistress. Stop trying to resist!

Teasing Your Tits: Ms. Piper Loves Nipple Play!

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Do you have sensitive nipples? I’m surprised how many of my bitches love for me to tweak your titties.

I have to admit that clamping wooden clothespins on your nips gets me all excited–especially when we get to smack them off with a wooden spoon! The . . . → Read More: Teasing Your Tits: Ms. Piper Loves Nipple Play!

May 10 is a very special holiday!

Your Little Shrimpie is in good hands!800-356-6169

Take a guess what today is–I dare you! Yes, it’s a very special holiday for all the little shrimp dicks out there!

May 10 is National Shrimp Day!

I mean, when you think of shrimp, what do you think about? Tiny, pink, rubbery, unsatisfying. Yep, sounds . . . → Read More: May 10 is a very special holiday!

Doin’ Da Butt….

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I adore my ass slaves800-356-6169

Am I the only one who remembers the song from the 80s called Da Butt?

Okay, okay, I probably am, and that’s probably a good thing!

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A perennial question about butt play I sometimes get¬†is how . . . → Read More: Doin’ Da Butt….

Give me an S-I-S-S-Y…..little dick losers eat cream pie!

Sissy Cheerleaders Are All Smiles800-356-6169

So I’ve been badgered about doing a sissy cheerleader blog post by my #1 cuckold caller. He’s such a nagging little creature, he eventually wore me down.

See, here’s the thing: I wasn’t a cheerleader. Nope.¬†Shaking my pom poms while some dudes ran around chasing a ball offended . . . → Read More: Give me an S-I-S-S-Y…..little dick losers eat cream pie!

Masturbation May is Upon Us!

GUSHING with enthusiasm for Masturbation May?800-356-6169

Not that you need any excuse to masturbate, but here at LDW, we devote an entire MONTH to your favorite activity!

Each day in May, a different Mistress will be posting on her blog. Think of it as taking a little tour through the Enchantrix Empire. You . . . → Read More: Masturbation May is Upon Us!

Captivity Hell–or heaven?

Prepare to Impress Me!800-601-6975

Do you even want to escape when your Mistress captures you? A skillful Mistress can make all kinds of things oh so attractive.

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What have you been charmed into doing that you never thought you would? Did you put . . . → Read More: Captivity Hell–or heaven?

Small Penis Parade! A Week of SPH

cuckold small penis humiliation

I love little nubbins!

Oh my. This has been a week already! I can’t really say it’s been a LONG week, it’s been quite short, really.

Yep, I’m talking about a small penis parade. Every Mistress goes through it–that time when just about every little pee pee seems to be magnetically attracted to . . . → Read More: Small Penis Parade! A Week of SPH

If you wanna kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel

Yes, it’s supposed to be hard800-356-6169

I saw this band on tour back in the 90s at Williams-Brice Stadium a couple of years before I graduated college. (don’t know who it is? google the lyrics below) It wasn’t a particularly fantastic concert–the band is fronted by a man who could stand to be . . . → Read More: If you wanna kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel

It’s not about you….

Ready to please your mistress?800-356-6169

Last night I helped another mistress with a reluctant sub who was giving her trouble when she demanded he get her bull ready to fuck her. And you know what that means, right?

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It means she wanted him . . . → Read More: It’s not about you….