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Ms. Piper Cuckolds You Hard Core

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Can You Handle The Heat?

I love cuckolding. Isn’t it exquisite torture–the heady mix of humiliation, jealousy, and arousal that quickly becomes addictive?

You don’t want to be cuckolded, and you hate the part of you that craves it. You wish it could be different. Why does that cuckold bull get to be the one with the gigantic cock your wife adores? Why couldn’t that have been you? It’s a cruel twist of fate.

And yet, here you are with your hand crammed down your pants, fumbling with that exact disappointing penis, while your wife is being used like the slut she wants to be.

See, women are trained to be modest and coy. Men like you help us stay that way. When a woman is finally treated like the sexual, alive animal she is, it changes her. She’ll never go back to crossing her legs and putting her hands in her lap demurely. She’s always going to want to spread her legs and take it long and hard and deep.

I know you love cuckolding too, and that’s why I wanted to let you in on another post I did, over on Cuckold Bootcamp (Do you know about Cuckold Bootcamp? All of my cuckolds should check it out!)

It has a HOT audio accompanying it, and you can go straight to the audio by clicking here: Will Ms. Piper’s Cuckold Earn a Front Row Seat?

Here’s a little taste of the post I wrote:

Will Ms. Piper’s Cuckold Earn a Front Row Seat?

As you know, you’re not always allowed in the room when I cuckold you. Sometimes you have to wait outside the door like a good boy while I fuck my bull lover.

I know it’s horribly humiliating to sit right outside the door while my lover and I stain the sheets in our marital bed, especially when I make you sleep in the wet spot! You don’t seem to mind the humiliation, though, because you have a big wet spot in your panties by the time he’s fucked me into oblivion.

Tonight, however, I have a surprise for you! I’m going to allow you to earn a front row seat to the action!

Click here to read the rest of this hot cuckolding story: Will Ms. Piper’s Cuckold Earn a Front Row Seat?

Dirty Writing to Keep You Nice and HOT

Prepare to Impress Me!800-601-6975

I know my lovelies in the southern hemisphere have been HOT for a while, at least when it comes to the weather, but here in the northern hemisphere it’s starting to get a little chilly. Have no fear, however, I’ve been very busy writing dirty blogs and recording dirty . . . → Read More: Dirty Writing to Keep You Nice and HOT

The Danger Of Getting On Cam For Mistress

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Look familiar?800-356-6169

I have a client I’ve been talking to for years, but I’d never seen him on cam. In the course of time, though, he’s described himself to me, and so I had a pretty favorable picture of him in his head. He’d told me that lots of women had remarked that . . . → Read More: The Danger Of Getting On Cam For Mistress

Does Your Wife’s Lover Hold Her Hand While He Cums Inside Her?

cock and ball torture makes me happy!

Prepare to Impress Me!800-601-6975

It’s just sex, right? She’s not in love with her hot boyfriend with the long fat cock. Right??

(click here to listen to me read this post to you!)

I guess when he looks at your sexy hot wife, right in the eyes, while he slides his big manly . . . → Read More: Does Your Wife’s Lover Hold Her Hand While He Cums Inside Her?

Flavored Condoms Maximize Cum Eating Pleasure

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Let ME take control!800-356-6169

The other day I had a client who announced that he wanted to eat cum from a condom–then he hung up on me before he did it!

Grrrr….yes, just know that makes me quite grumpy! Thing was, before he even attempted it, I gave him a little ironic laugh and . . . → Read More: Flavored Condoms Maximize Cum Eating Pleasure

Mistress Piper’s Mind Fuck M.O.

I will ride you hard and put you away wet.800-356-6169

I caused quite a stir with my Mind Fuck You’ll Never Forget blog post.

I can’t tell you how many of you called me in response to it, which excited me. There is nothing in the world better than a good mind fucking.

. . . → Read More: Mistress Piper’s Mind Fuck M.O.

Cock Sucking and Cum Eating, Locked Up and Teased to Tears

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I’ll keep your secrets!800-356-6201

You’ve been hoping I’d point you in the direction of some more dripping erotic delicacies, weren’t you?

Lucky, lucky you! Both of these posts have erotic audios of my sexy voice, like this one from Tease Mafia.

Locked Up and Teased to Tears by Mistress Piper You love to . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking and Cum Eating, Locked Up and Teased to Tears

Telling the truth…..

Do I have to get the truth serum? ‘Cause I’ll do it, you know I will!

Why is it so hard to be real? To tell the truth?

There are consequences to allowing our true selves to be offered up for public consumption. I get it.

Tech support? Really?

My family doesn’t know . . . → Read More: Telling the truth…..

Jack-O-Lantern Blowjob

Hmmm….just round off these holes a little, and stick your cock right in!

So tell me. Do you ever drive down the roads in your neighborhood this time of year, passing all of those glowing pumpkins on the porches and think…..

Hmmm….I could really use a Jack-o-lantern blow job!

Well, you may think . . . → Read More: Jack-O-Lantern Blowjob

A Nylon Cocktease and A Humiliation Slave

Can You Handle The Heat?800-356-6169

I’ve been at it again! Check out these hot posts I’ve written for around the Empire, both of which have FREE audios, like this free audio from Humiliation Bootcamp.

Become Ms. Piper’s Humiliation Slave Humiliation slavery is slavery that requires no actual chains, because your cock is your . . . → Read More: A Nylon Cocktease and A Humiliation Slave